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The yoga industry in the US is racking in $9 billion in revenue, thanks to over 40,000 yoga practitioners serving their clients in the country. The industry is rapidly growing and becoming more competitive than ever as thousands of Americans turn to yoga gurus to improve their health and lifestyle.

Amid the growing competition, it’s only natural for yoga practitioners to feel overwhelmed with what may come next. Fortunately, there are digital tools for yoga practitioners that offer a competitive advantage, growth prospects, and an opportunity for yogis to thrive in this cut-throat industry.

From professional exercise software to online payment options, here are some ways to use digital tools for yoga practitioners to expand your yoga business this year!

Home Exercise Plans

Exercise plans, practiced at the convenience of the home, have garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. Due to these programs facilitated by cloud-based software, many people in the US have adopted a healthier lifestyle as they attempt to exercise, do yoga, and meditate right from the comfort of their homes. So if you’re keen to tap a largely untapped clientele, opt for HEP.

Mobile and Web Application

Mobile and web applications are part and parcel of HEP and home-based physical exercises. However, it’s essential for all yoga practitioners to invest in mobile and web applications to better cater to their existing base and grow their clientele further. Video calls, and much more awaits you in the world of applets.

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Online Payments

Americans are highly interested in services that offer them multiple online payment options. As a yoga practitioner who’s keen to grow their business this year, learn about online payment integration into your yoga practice management software and see the revenues grow.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital media marketing and social media are a necessity for every business today. So make sure you’re using these tools to better market your business and generate leads that may otherwise be lost to competition.

The Cloud

90 percent of businesses are on the cloud, so why shouldn’t your yoga practice get there too? If you haven’t already, it’s time to use cloud-based exercise apps to make your practice more robust, agile, and vast.

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