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Physical therapy is the supporting backbone of athletic performance. In addition to strengthening movement and increasing stamina, physical therapy also helps athletes prevent injuries. Even though physical therapy practice is widely available in the US, it’s not so easily accessible. This is specifically true for athletes who do not have the time to visit a therapist in person. So what can you do to bridge the gap and make physical therapy more accessible? Here are a few ways you can expand your practice to cater to athletes.

Through Online Booking

Allowing online booking is the best way to expand your physical therapy practice for athletes. With online bookings, your clients can  set up appointments no matter where they are. They don’t have to go through the hassle of making phone calls or send emails for scheduling appointments. Instead, they can get everything done with just a push of a button.

Integrated Telehealth

Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, has been around for a while but has just started gaining traction. With telehealth, you can connect with athletes, evaluate their condition and train them without being with them in person. While in the past telehealth was referred to telephonic services, these days, especially after Covid-19, it primarilyrelates to video-based communication, or in our context – telehealth physical therapy services. Since athletes must train most of the time, they can also save up travel time and avail your services remotely.

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Exercise Programs

Your online services won’t just be limited to remote training. Instead, you can create full-fledged training programs for athletes, for a specific athlete or for athlete groups, along with program notes and guidance, exercise videos, and even automatic progress tracking. Athletes can simply log into their mobile app accounts on their phone and continue their physical therapy training. On the other hand, you can monitor their progress and modify the programs online, based on the outcome you see.

Practice Marketing

While you can offer all these great services, how will you reach clients without a marketing strategy? This is where practice marketing comes in. With practice marketing, you can share client reviews, performance stats, and other promotional materials and media with prospective clients to get their attention. You can even schedule promotions to reach a wider audience.

Start Your Physical Therapy Practice With Fiizio

At Fiizio, we help physical therapists and wellness professionals expand their practices and reach more clients. Our one-stop Physical therapy practice software features clinical tools to help you train and work with your clients. Not just that, but we also have the latest marketing, communication, and digital revenue-generating tools to help you offer the best services to your clients while increasing your revenue, and cash revenue in particular. Whether you’re looking for allied health practice management software or physical rehabilitation, Fiizio has you covered. Book a free demo to learn more.