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The Platform That Grows Your Practice

Practice growth is not a dream, it’s a click away. Fiizio, unlike other companies focused on Home Exercise Programs (HEP), actually delivers growth for your business. 

How? With an entire ecosystem of growth creating applets and features built to provide better outcomes for all – and finally align revenues with practice growth and better client outcomes.

An entire growth ecosystem

Built by practitioners and clients, we rationalize and vet every single applet, tool and feature we add to Fiizio. Besides the value of these capabilites, we also ensure they fit the growth of our robust ecosystem and welcome new solution partners into our ecosystem.

Better outcomes, everywhere

In today’s world, we see that misalignment can distort outcomes. Fiizio was developed to provide better outcome for clients through alignment with practitioners’ desire to run a successful practice.

Fiizio opens up a new world of opportunities for client outcome, relationships, retention, reactivation, and creates new revenue streams.

Everywhere, virtually and on-site.

The latest tech

Fiizio has been designed with user experience in mind. Instead of a website viewed on a phone, dependent on constant access to the internet, Fiizio robust web & mobile apps deliver limitless control.

All the features that you need to ensure you a long-term difference for your clients and your performance are at your fingertips. And we never stop investing in technology!

Scalable for all, a perfect addition for any practice

Whether you are a small practice, studio, or a multi-site organization catering for the needs of hundreds if not thousands of clients, you will find Fiizio seamlessly scalable to your needs.

It is easy to share information across multiple locations, without compromising on privacy and security elements required by regulations.

Fiizio brings all your growth options together

Creating additional revenue with solutions giving clients better outcomes didn’t use to be simple. With Fiizio – it now is.

Upgrade Your Practice with the proven Fiizio Digital Hub