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About Us

We help rehab and wellness professionals grow their practices and better their clients.

Fiizio has been built by both veteran health practitioners and their clients, as they learned things can be done better for both…

From our diverse experience, we identified a few key elements, which serve as the foundation of our approach. So, if you agree with most of the following statements, then you should absolutely try Fiizio:

  • A critical component of client success life-cycle is the time between the onsite sessions. This is where most progress is being made, if practitioner guidance is clear, adherence exists and progress is monitored.
  • The customary 6-12 week onsite visit cycle should be challenged – extending this cycle, and increasing the number of visits, sessions and interactions, shall deliver better results to the client.
  • Practitioners can be innovative and know best how to craft a customized regimen for each client, optimized to deliver success.
  • Happier clients will recognize the unique value-add of a practice and become more satisfied and loyal.
  • Practitioners shall be rewarded for their service, any service!

How do we get it done? We focus, fanatically, on improving client outcomes and delivering better financial results for practices. Most importantly we ensure a better alignment exists between the two.

So, to achieve that, we have built a set of Digital Products, promotion tools and engagement applets to serve you and your clients. We use the latest in cloud and mobile app technology. This results in a direct connection between the professional’s cloud-based interface and the clients’ smartphones. It offers a new type of interaction between the client and the professional.

The Bottom Line? Proven Betterment.