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Patient or a client? Improving yourself means you need to lean on expert guidance.

Enjoy Fiizio’s customized, personalized exercise programs, engaging videos, daily reminders, and educational information to help you shine.

Fiizio offers all that with a personal care mindset directly from your practitioner.

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A Powerful Mobile App

Always with you, to exceed performance and connect faster to your practitioner.

Photo & Video Exercise Programs

Programs sent directly to clients’ phone, with instructions and notes, personalized and customized. ​

Full Guidance

The Fiizio app will guide the client through the exercise program, timed and paced, from start to finish. This means adherence & efficacy.

Remote Video, Voice and Chat Consultation

Extend the power of Fiizio technology to virtual meetings and consultations​.

Instant Program Updates

Get program updates directly to the phone, instantly.

Client Outcome

Track client progress, pain & symptom level​.


Add reminders to stay on top of your workouts and progress, daily, weekly – whatever works for you!

Client Engagement

Telehealth, Communication, Education

Stay in the Know

Read health articles, newsletters, notes, messages and notifications sent to you by your practitioner.

Instant Connection

Connect with your practitioner instantly, get driving instructions, refer or share with a friend.

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Exercise Videos



Exercise Reminders


In-App Notifications


Video Consultations

Client Education

Progress Reports

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