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What’s New on Fiizio?

June 2019


We are delighted to announce key development additions available now on the Fiizio Platform.

  1. Fiizio Digital Product Platform, which we developed while keeping both patients, clients and practitioners in mind, yet creating additional options for improving your business performance.
  • Our Digital Product Platform will enable you to upsell/cross sell services to your clients, and generate new revenue streams.
  • Fiizio Digital Product Platform requires activation. As such, you will notice that the My Digital Products Tab on your Fiizio account is disabled, until you let us know you would like to activate it.
  • Additional Digital Products and Services will be introduced and added in the future.
  1. Premade Templates – Premade templates, for common conditions, created by the Fiizio Clinical Team and Advisors, based on professional and academic, clinically-based research and literature, produced by opinion leaders, and represents different school of thoughts. These premade templates are intended to serve as suggestions to facilitate the creation of your own templates, based on your own experience and judgement. Premade Templates can be found under My Template Tab.
  1. On-the-Fly Exercise Media Upload Engine – With Fiizio’s new, On-the-Fly Exercise Media Upload Engine, added proprietary media will be automatically uploaded from your device, including mobile phone. While the flow stays exactly the same so you do not need to do anything else to make it happen, it will make the process more efficient, and save user precious time.


If you would like to learn more about the Fiizio Digital Product Platform, and discuss how you could best utilize it for your benefit, please contact us at [email protected]