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Patient Mobile App Basics

How does my patient download the smartphone App?

1. The Mobile App is available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad users; and on Google Play for Android phone users. Search “Fiizio” in each of these stores to locate it. Note: Patients must download the Mobile App before being able to download your specific...

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Does the Fiizio App work with iPads and tablets?

Yes. The Fiizio App works with any mobile device running Android or iOS operating systems.

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Does the App record how many times they’ve done their exercises?

At this point in time, the Mobile App records their exercise completions and symptom rating. This data is not currently sent back to the clinic dashboard but serves as a record that patients can refer to, or use in discussion with their physical therapist.

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How does my patient navigate the App?

Prior to patient login (unpaired mode), the Fiizio App has no exercise or practice information. Only once the patient has linked it with your practice (by following the link you provide them via email) will it be transformed into the full functioning app. There are 4...

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