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Dashboard & Marketing

How do I create and promote news items?

1. Select “News” from the navigation tabs on your Fiizio Dashboard. 2. Click “+New Item”. 3. Build the news item with headline, body of content and an image. You can also add a web link connecting back to your website, a news link or YouTube video that helps you get...

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I’m working with a sports team, what’s the best way to manage this?

1. Add patients to “Patient Groups”. For athletes that aren’t currently with your practice, add them directly into the group from the “Patient Groups” tab. For athletes that are already in the Fiizio App with other programs, search the patient in the Fiizio App and...

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How do I share exercises, articles or news items across my business locations?

1. Click on the exercise, article or new item you wish to share from the My Exercises, My Articles or News tabs respectively. 2. Tick the “Share across locations” option and select locations. 3. Save your changes. These elements will now be available for staff to use...

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How do I set up messaging automation for new patients?

1. Head to “Messaging Automation” Tab on the Fiizio Dashboard. 2. Click on “+New Message” button or “Edit Message”. 3. Build your content as per News or My Articles. 4. “Show after days” is the time delay until the in-app message sent to the respective...

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