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The use of telemedicine, or telehealth, has been continuously growing, as it becomes more accessible and affordable. It has been also frequently argued that the use of telehealth is a great tool to fight against the spread of infectious diseases. Indeed, over the past few weeks, given the pandemic characteristics of COVID-19, the Coronavirus, it seems that this argument gets the recognition it deserves.

Now, more than ever before, as the possible threat of the new Coronavirus looms heavy, every healthcare provider, from small to large, shall be better off considering alternatives to traditional office visits. For rehab and wellness practices, such as physical therapy practices, this is not different; and for those who utilize an open space for treating and exercising, it might be even more important.Guide to Client Retention - Chiropractic Software

Using telehealth, patients will be able to get the care they need from the comfort of their home or any location, have lower risk of exposure to the virus, or avoid violation of public health guidance; on the other hand, health providers could treat more patients, reduce burden on the facility itself, help mitigating the spread of diseases, yet provide continuous quality of care.

While the coronavirus constitutes a significant threat to public health, it is also a major threat to the financial performance and stability of businesses; again, health practices are not different. Decrease in office visit, due to no show of patients, for the above reasons, means reduced revenues for the provider, with a duration that is still uncertain.

Telehealth could play a significant role in mitigating such consequences. It allows the continuous provision of care to the patients, independently of the location of all parties, and the continuous operation of the business, also financially.

While there are a number of telehealth solution in the market, Fiizio provides an integrated telehealth solution as part of its platform, so you could continuously provide your services, virtually, to all your patients or clients,  in combination with all the other powerful features of Fiizio, from exercise prescription, outcome tracking, patient education, patient communication and more.

Please feel free to reach out to us, at [email protected], to learn more about the Fiizio platform, and how Fiizio could help you grow your business and better your clients.