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Daily Demos

1. Login to Fiizio.
2. Click the “Add New Patient” button.
3. Follow the prompts to enter patient name, email address and phone number. Please note that email address is required. If a patient does not provide an email address, bypass this prompt by entering in the email field “no-email-available”.
4.Click the “+ Add Program” button.
5. Give the program a title and suggested frequency to perform.
6. Add exercises and choose reps, time per rep, hold times, sides and sets.
7. Add rests between sets as required.
8. Add any relevant reading information from your library using the “+Reading Info” button.
9. Send the program link to your patient via email.
10. You may generate a printout for the patient.

Tip: You may create a program from a template, which will increase your speed and efficiency.